Multi-Purpose Power System
 Whether you are backpacking, filming in remote areas, climbing Everest, or behind enemy
lines, we know that you need power in the field.  Our idea sprang from developing portable
power systems for the military and seeing the need for a lightweight system that could run on
any source of fuel.  Stealth Power Systems has developed a new multi-purpose portable power
system that takes on this challenge.

Our Patent-Pending Technology:  
Harvests energy while cooking
Runs on virtually any fuel
Charges a variety of electronic equipment (USB and/or 12V)
Operates in virtually any environment
Is easy and safe to use
Is lightweight and backpacker friendly
Who We Are

We are a start-up company based just outside of Boulder, CO and we are looking to license our
technology to an outdoor equipment OEM.  We have a patent pending on crucial aspects of our
system and are currently looking to partner with a company who can lend their branding power
to rapidly bring this technology to market.  We are excited about taking this idea to the next level
and believe that this system will change the way people use electronic devices in the field.